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rewrite exercises

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Rewrite the sentences - English Grammar

Rewrite as directed. Answers 1. As soon as she read the telegram she fainted. 2. Now that my children are all employed, I have no › Exercises

English Grammar Practice Test: Rewrite Sentences 1 ...

English Grammar Practice Test: Rewrite Sentences 1 Exercise 1: Rewrite the following sentences that keep the same meaning. 1. You should take the train instead of the ... › Grammar Tests

English Exercises: MIXED REPHRASINGS

exercise. Here´s good practice on rephrasings of any kind: tenses, ... Rewrite the following sentences so that the new ones have the same same meaning as the ...

English Exercises: REWRITE SENTENCES

tests exercise. An exercise for advanced students. ... 1.You must never take your helmet off while you are riding a motorcycle.

2 bachillerato: Rewriting exercises

Rewriting exercises Reason Contrast Purpose Result (so and such) Time Conditional Mixed linking words Mixed linking words 2 Modals Passive Causative have Relatives

rewriting sentences - World English

Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use no more than 5 words. EXERCISE 1. 1 ...

REWRITE SENTENCES (UNITS 1 – 4) | Eugenia Sanchez's Blog

rewrite sentences. eugenia sanchez's blog. ... extra exercises; grammar practice; ... rewrite sentences (units 1 4) rewrite sentences.

Rephrasing - Exercises - XTEC

You just have to follow these tips ...

Rewriting exercise at B1/ B2 level - …

use word in brackets to rewrite the sentence with the same meaning. | B1/B2 level English grammar PET/FCE| Bachillerato 2º Inglés

Passive sentences - English Online Exercise

Passive voice, Rewrite sentences - English Grammar Exercise ... Julia rescued three cats.. The students handed in the reports.. Maria crashed into the blue car. › … › Grammar Exercises › Passive Voice