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have dehydrated me

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Dehydration - Wikipedia

In physiology, dehydration is a deficit of total body water, ... because humans have a large and widely variable capacity for the active secretion of sweat.

Dehydration - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

How to Recognize Dehydration Symptoms

Dehydrated patients don't have enough fluid (water) in their blood to get nutrition and oxygen to their tissues. You can become dehydrated by sweating too much, by ...

6 Unusual Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration | …

01/08/2015 · Dehydration can lead to a bad mood, cravings for sweets, headache, and even fever. To catch dehydration early and reverse it, look for these warning signs ...

Making Dehydrated Strawberries in a Dehydrator

You won't be completely sure if the strawberry pieces are fully dehydrated until they have cooled. Turn off the dehydrator, open it, ...

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