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Meanings of ACTECO

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Aceto- definition, a combining form with the meanings “vinegar,” “acetic acid,” used in the formation of compound words (acetometer), especially in the names of chemical compounds in which acetic acid or the acetyl group is present (acetophenetidin). See more.

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Acts synonyms, Acts pronunciation, Acts translation, English dictionary definition of Acts. n. 1. The process of doing or performing something: the act of thinking. 2.

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How do you say Acteco in French? Pronunciation of Acteco found 2 audio voices for Acteco.

Chery ACTECO Engine | Chery World

WHAT IS ACTECO – CHERY ACTECO ENGINE Austria AVL and China Chery’s Technology Corporation; ACT on fuel Economy and Ecological environment; There are rich signification on ACTECO, totally 3 kinds of meaning: Through independent innovation, Chery has developed models of world-class engines. From 3-cylinder to V-shaped 6-cylinder, from low ...

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Define acted on. acted on synonyms, acted on pronunciation, ... By the same token, one may want a piece of the action, but not a piece of the act. The demands of meaning or idiom often require one word or the other. In some cases, either can be used: my act (or action) was premature. act

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ACTECO second layer of meaning that the engine is to use technology developed by world-class set of economic and energy-saving environmental protection as one of the products, will help reduce the use of economic cost (low consumption) and social cost (low emission).

Chery - Wikipedia

Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., trading as Chery and sometimes known by the pinyin transcription of its Chinese name, Qirui (奇瑞), is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui. It was founded by the government of China in 1997 and is a state-owned corporation.

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The ACTECO is not only a word but also a combination of three layer meanings. Now, let's get into the real world of "ACTECO". The first layer meaning expresses the technology background of ACTECO engines. To illustrate, letter A refers to Austria AVL company and its birthplace—Anhui, China.

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[10] [30] As of 2007 the company had two auto-making production bases, two engine-making bases (the No.2 base having built ACTECO-branded engines and being "highly automated"), a gearbox production base, and two units tasked with R&D. [29] Another car-making production base should have become operational by early 2008. [29]éry/en-en